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HIT Hot Topics presents

The Road Ahead


HIT Hot Topics Conference 2018

The greatest harm reduction conference in the UK
HIT Hot Topics is the UK’s greatest harm reduction conference, with a strong focus on providing practical take-away messages from some of the world’s most interesting speakers.

Conference Updates

2019 Speaker Announcement: Sanho Tree

2019 Speaker Announcement: Sanho Tree

We will be launching the 2019 HIT Hot Topics Conference website very soon, but we are ready to announce our first speaker so why wait! We are very excited to announce that Sanho Tree will be speaking at this year's conference.

Driving Change

Driving Change

Drug law enforcement was bound to be at the top of the agenda for a conference that cares passionately about harm reduction. While drug use was ‘ubiquitous, right across the population’, drug law enforcement was ‘a tool for social control’, said Niamh Eastwood, executive director at Release. Furthermore, it had before a weapon against the poorest and most vulnerable, designed to ‘push people out there’.

Side Events


Time to be social

As always with our conference we are arranging side events both the evening before and the evening of the conference.

We know from speaking to you all every year that these are one of the most important social times of the year.

You can attend these events even if you are not a conference attendee.


Connecting people
For the first time this year we are going to be trying something new to help people connect during the conference. We’ll be having a ‘Connecting board’ to help people looking for help with projects or developing ideas.