Josh Haddow


Josh Haddow is a filmmaker and journalist from the UK. He has made and worked on documentaries about drug use, mental health, public services, crime and human exploitation for the BBC, Vice, Channel 5 and others.

Josh worked across the BBC documentary series Drugs Map of Britain. Episodes explored issues such as illicit benzodiazepine use in Scotland, the dangers of poor public health access for people who inject drugs and the emergence of previously ‘legal highs’ and the impact novel cannabinoids such as ’Mamba’ and ’Spice’ had on the public’s perception of homelessness.

The programme went on to meet patients and suppliers in the UK’s evolving and growing underground medicinal cannabis market, and young people resorting to home testing kits in the face of rising ecstasy related fatalities, and authorities are preoccupied with challenging venues’ licensing with threats of closure.

Josh has also investigated how a variety of illicit substances’ production, consumption and trade effects different communities internationally. From cocaine import across Europe and the UK, to illicit Qualuudes (mandrax) use in South Africa and cannabis cultivation in Swaziland.


Whose truth matters? Discussing the challenge of documenting drug use in society and its effects on individuals and their communities. Can you responsibly trade in real peoples’ emotions? How do you communicate important facts without losing your audience? How do you challenge perceptions when people have already made up their mind? In a world of rigidly opposing points of view, everyone has their own facts, study, research at hand. How do cut through the shame, stigma and righteous belief to figure out: how do you tell the truth?


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