Jay Levy

Deputy Director, INPUD

Jay began working at the International Network Of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) Secretariat in 2014 as INPUD’s Policy and Advocacy Officer, and has written advocacy publications for INPUD since 2013.

He has previously worked with the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), as a consultant for the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), and as a supervisor for undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. His writing, advocacy, fieldwork and research, and teaching have focussed on HIV/AIDS, STI, and blood-borne infection policy and law, the outcomes of sex work and drug use legislation, feminist, gender and queer theory, and harm reduction. Jay holds a PhD (focussing Sweden’s sex work and drug use legislation), an MPhil (in Geographical Research), and a BA, from the University of Cambridge.

His first book is entitled Criminalising the Purchase of Sex: Lessons from Sweden, and his second book published last year focuses on The War on People who Use Drugs: The Harms of Sweden’s Aims for a Drug Free Society.


Jay discussed INPUD’s recent consultation and publication, which make up the first community-driven evaluation of the outcomes of Portugal’s decriminalisation of people who use drugs. His presentation, Is Decriminalisation Enough? Drug User Community Voices from Portugal, will address the outcomes, both the positives and the shortcomings, of Portugal’s model of decriminalisation. Importantly, it establishes that Portugal’s decriminalisation of people who use drugs is not – as is claimed – a full decriminalisation.

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